Entenbäck in Schwäbisch Hall regional and mediterranean cuisine

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Our kitchen is open until 21:00!

+49 791 / 97 82 91 82

Geschichte vom Restaurant ENTENBÄCK
Restaurant in Schwäbisch Hall
Restaurant in Schwäbisch Hall
Call us: +49 791 / 97 82 91 82

The History of Entenbäck

The building "Zum Entenbäck" has one of the longest traditions in terms of trade and craftsmanship that have been maintained from Schwäbisch Hall's time as a free town until today.

At the beginning of the 17th century, baker and miller Lienhard Haid owned this building, being followed by several other owners.

In 1843, Christoph Entenmann, a baker from Affalter-bach, purchases the place for 5400 guilders. In 1877, both bakery and wine bar are taken over by son Friedrich Entenmann. It was at that time that the term "Entenbäck" emerged.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Schumm family buys the building. In 1978, the bakery is closed down. The bakery and the shop turn into a restaurant in rustic style.

Carefully modernised with little charming details, the ENTENBÄCK has been run by host Florian Braun and the moving spirits of the "Entenbäck" since 2011.

The restaurant (ground floor) can accommodate 30 guests, the room "Kocherblick" (upper floor) 30 guests and the terrace another 40 guests. For parties and events, our banquet and set-meal bible is available for you.