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Our menu your Restaurant Entenbäck in Schwäbisch Hall


Beef Bouillon with Pancake Strips and vegetable strips  

5,20 €

Riesling Cream Soup with fresh mushrooms 

5,90 €

Home-made Pasta Squares filled with Duck in beef stock
with braised onion and fresh chives

6,20 €

Soup tureens

"Gaisburger Marsch" – beef cubes in broth
with potato strips and spaetzle          

6,80 €

Goulash Soup
"Hungarian style" hot, with a lot of beef       

6,80 €


Salad Dish with varied garnish
and yogurt-mustard-dressing

5,20 €

Big Salad Dish – seasonal salads
and yogurt-mustard-dressing

10,50 €

Salad "Entenbäck Style"
with slices of roast beef, slices of melon and yogurt-mustard-dressing

All salads may also be ordered with balsamic-olive-oil-dressing (without lactose).

16,80 €

Grilled specialities

Grilled dish with diverse Steaks
beef, lamb and veal, with herb butter,
braised vegetables, open-baked potatoes and
fromage frais with chives

23,80 €

Thin strips of beef from pastured Herford cow
with fresh mushrooms in Burgundy sauce,
served with home-made spaetzle and a varied salad dish

19,90 €

High-Quality Top Rump
from 1824 pastured cow with salad bouquet,
open-baked potatoes and fromage frais with herbs

22,80 €

Grilled Steak with onions from pastured Black-Angus cow
tender and juicy, on Burgundy sauce
with braised onions and home-made spaetzle  

22,80 €

Schnitzel Vienna Style
from Hohenlohian calf
and a varied salad dish

21,80 €


Each steak – a jewel…

1824 Premium Beef,
grilled rump steak, prize-winning for its tenderness,
juiciness and exquisite flavour (250 g)
with herb butter, braised vegetables
and open-baked potatoes

34,80 €


Tiger Prawns fried in olive oil
with fresh Mediterranean vegetables and baguette 

22,80 €

Swabian dishes

Cheese Spaetzle "Grandma's Style"
with braised onions and mixed salad

12,90 €

Rissoles Entenbäck-Style
on Burgundy sauce, with crusty fried potatoes
and a varied salad dish   

14,80 €

Home-made paste squares
filled with beef, in cream with fresh mushrooms, herbs
and a big varied salad dish        

15,80 €

Vegetarian and Vegan dishes...

Open-Baked Potatoes, fromage frais with herbs
and varied salad garnish

9,20 €

Noodle roll
filled with pumpkin, ricotta and spinach
on fresh braised vegetables and cream mushrooms 

15,80 €

The icing on the cake – our desserts

Mixed Ice Cream
with whipped cream 

4,80 €

Hot Love
three loops of vanilla-ice cream
with warmed raspberries and whipped cream       

6,90 €

Amaretto Parfait
with berries, caramel sauce
and whipped cream         

8,50 €

Lasagne of white chocolate
on marinated raspberries with vanilla mousse  

8,50 €

Homemade warm Apple Strudel
with vanilla-ice cream and
whipped cream           

7,20 €

Fresh Pear Strudel
with caramel sauce, walnut-ice cream
and whipped cream        

7,90 €

Our opening hours

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06:00 - 10:00 pm
12:00 - 02:00 pm
12:00 - 02:00 pm 06:00 - 10:00 pm

Our kitchen is open until 09:00 pm!

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